Passive Income Ideas App

Do you want to earn money while you sleep, when you’re on vacation or whilst you’re doing your day job?

Create an extra income by installing a Soft Drink or soup dispenser at your work or local school, creating a toy rental business, renting out industrial coffee machines to businesses in your neighbourhood, renting out art to local companies or even starting a business using drop shipping.

  • Over 100 passive/minimal effort income ideas at your finger tip, so you can select and research your passive income idea whilst commuting, on holidays or in your spare time.
  • Are you over worked, stressed, don’t have enough time for the family or your leisure, worried about ongoing finances and need a bit of extra income?
  • Do you want to work part time from home, being your own boss, giving you more time to do the things you enjoy?
  • Then this app can help you make the first steps towards developing your own passive income.
Iphone application for Passive Ideas
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  • Full time workers who want to work less and live more.
  • Students who want to earn money whilst they study.
  • Retirees who want to increase their income streams with minimal effort.
  • Anyone who wants to work smartly and have more time to spend with family and friends.
  • Part time workers who want to increase their income stream.
  • People who intend to retire over the next few years but want to have an ongoing income stream.
  • Kids who are looking to earn some money by starting a business.


Interactive with the ability to choose and save your favourites ideas out of the exhaustive list.

Ability to make and store your notes for future reference.

High quality photos to help visualise the concept.

Concise outline of possible passive income source


If you’re interested in potential business investment opportunities email your name, country and indicative funds to invest and I can forward you any opportunities if they arise.

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Minimal Effort

A full time job is maximum effort, where a a passive income minimal effort income is either;

  • 10-30 minutes a day
  • a few hours a week,
  • a day or two a week,
  • two or three months a year.

What appeals to me about passive / minimal effort income is that I can choose when I want to work and how much I want to work. Do you want to work an hour a day, one day a week, 3 months a year?

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Philanthropic Opportunities

Philanthropic adventures If you want to combine your Philanthropic activities with travel then join Jamie. Next philanthropic trip is through Lao in 2012. We will be heading from the North to the south, hopefully in a Tut tut, distributing educational resources at planned and unplanned spots along the way.

Email your name, home town, country and indicative amounts you would consider giving to philanthropic activities to also follow me on twitter @jamie1367

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